Review: The Yellow House Mystery

Series: The Boxcar Children: #3

Remember Surprise Island ? Remember

Then Henry said, “Grandfather, that’s one thing we can’t understand. Why didn’t we ever get to go into that little yellow house? Doesn’t it belong to you?”

Mr. Alden looked at his grandchildren. Then he said quietly, “That’s another story.”

Well here you go: The Yellow House Mystery .

Herein, we actually go into said Yellow House on Surprise Island to investigate yet another mystery of yet another long lost family member (of sorts). At some point, they’re going to run out of house.

Plotwise, the ‘mystery’ doesn’t make a lick of sense, trusting untrustyworthy sorts ratehr than double checking that, I don't know, your wife is actually dead? come one . And yay for reunions, but that’s going to be hard after 40 years… I can’t imagine.

But it’s a fun enough adventure and kids pretty much overlook the questionable bits and focus on the adventures in the great outdoors. So that’s cool. I much preferred the first two, but still good enough.