Review: Shadow Hunt

Series: Disrupted Magic: #3

It was bad enough that Americans insisted on driving themselves everywhere, but Los Angeles in particular seemed to depend on individual cars the way other, more intelligent cities depended on public transportation. And their reward for this individualism was to spend hours of every day in gridlock. Petra thought it was a perfect example of American “independence”—selfish, lazy, and with a complete lack of foresight.

Not entirely wrong.

Shadow Hunt is an interesting book. On one hand, pregnant heroines, especially those bearing a chosen one, although that only sort of applies here always feels like something of a cop out. There was certainly some talk about the problems that come with pregnancy, but it just feels weird.

Also, Shadow Hunt is probably the first book where I really want to have read Dead Spots already. We’ve already heard about the nova wolf (whatever that means), but the luparii witches and the backstory to the bargest seem like something I’m missing. So it goes. It doesn’t hurt the story, you just have to infer a lot more or just go with the flow.

“Hypothetically,” I started again, “if a null wanted to get pregnant, would it be possible?”

Maven finished a sip and set down her cup. “Yes,” she said simply. “But very difficult.”

Something inside me uncurled. Maven knew something about this. We had been right to come here. “Have you heard of it happening before?”

She nodded. “In . . . let me see . . .” She glanced at the ceiling, squinting. “It was the 1240s, I believe.”

Right. Maven. An actual decent example of very very old done decently. And someone to actually help explain rare things that may have happened before in a reasonable in universe way. I remember liking Maven. Oh, and speaking of which, Scarlett meets the Luther family:

The Luthers all had that fresh-faced look I had learned to associate with Boulder, and even if I hadn’t known that many of them were related, I probably could have guessed by their similar features: honey-blonde hair, brown eyes, high cheekbones. It was like walking into a commercial for multivitamins. It made me want to drink a gallon of diet soda and eat a whole gas station pizza.

She’s so wonderfully snarky. I want to re-read the Boundary Crossed series now. Dead Spots first.