Review: That Which Other Men Cannot Do

Series: The Frontiers Saga: #15

And so it ends (for now).

What they have not yet seen, is that we are willing to go above and beyond, to take that extra step, to cross the furthest line…that we are willing to do what other men cannot do…what the Jung already do. That is a valid reason to attack the Jung home system.

I started Aurora: CV-01 all the way back in September. 15 books in Part 1 of a series? Sure! Over the books, Ryk Brown has quite obviously improved his craft and built quite a deep world.

That being said, That Which Other Men Cannot Do was something of a disappointment to me. After 15 books of building up the Jung as this big bad, we’ve spent a few now with the Aurora and co kicking butt and taking systems back and the first 3/4 of this book is more of the same. New designs, new ships, new missions, trial runs, and oh so many highly detailed fight scenes in space… and it’s really all starting to get a bit old. Up through the halfway point, this would have been one of my lower rated books in the series.

When they finally find the Jung homeworld and take the fight to them, that was a pretty crazy fight. But on the other hand, the stakes never really felt real. Millions die, entire worlds are destroyed… and it’s all for what? Big crazy tech space battles! That is certainly well done and takes the whole book up a notch. I just wish it were earlier.

Most of the characters I’ve really come to know and enjoy. It’s interesting seeing them each grow and change over 15 books and how they all interact. The one that annoys me the most I would have to say is Jessica. She just gets away with too much. She should have been fired or moved to just special ops several books ago. If she can’t deal with authority, put her in another command structure already. She already does it to some extent. Just make it permanent.

And then it ends. With a cliffhanger, which I’ve come to expect from this series, although seeing it in the last book of Part 1 was… a bit jarring. But you know? I think in this case it works.

And then I find that there are already two more series out:

- [Fall of the Core]( saga-fall-of-the-core) with 4 novellas as a prequel to the main series and about the Digital Plague - [Part 2: Rogue Castes]( frontiers-saga-part-2-rogue-castes) with 13 of 15 books published so far - A total planned 3 more parts for 5 total, each with 15 books (that’s crazy)

I’m a bit burned out at the moment, but I’m going to have to give them a chance at some point.

Side note: What in the world was with Captain Dubnyk? I kept expecting more from that plot. Perhaps next time around?