Review: Vixen 03

Series: Dirk Pitt: #5

Vixen 03 was a surprisingly good listen. From the reviews, I expected something far worse. It’s Pitt to the core, with crazy action scenes, ocean (more lake really) salvage, weird ships where they shouldn’t be, and Pitt getting himself mixed up in situations he has no reason to be involved in. Oh, and a sprinkling of racism and misogyny. At least it’s getting better?

Plotwise, the story of the doomed Vixen 03, it’s discovery, and the involved salvage mission is the best part of the book. The final conclusion with a retired battleship, retrofitted, and sailed up the Potomac to train their guns on Washington DC is ridiculous and would make an excellent blockbuster sequence. The plot about the African revolutionaries feels… rather racist and bizarre? I’m not actually sure, but it certainly feels very strange. That level of hatred between races and peoples is something that I thankfully have little personal experience with and felt odd in the story. It probably could have been traded out for any sort of terrorist group with little change to the plot.

Overall, a good book. Not quite as good as Raise the Titanic! , but a fun listen nevertheless.