2020 Reading List

Every year, a reading list. I didn’t make 120 books per year last year. As mentioned, I was doing pretty well until. And then October hit, with a pile of birthdays. And November, with NaNoWriMo. And then the holidays. Thanksgiving. Christmas. So I think this year, I’m going to back down to 100 again, trying to hit that by the end of October. Then I can read with less pressure through the rest of the year.

First, I have all of the series I’m either finishing from last year or rereading/re-listening too because of a new entry:

Fiction2*Finishing from 2019
Email Book Club, Fiction2*Finishing from 2019
Audiobook, Fiction20*Finishing from 2019
Fiction3Carry over
Fiction2Carry over
Fiction3Carry over
Fiction3Carry over
Audiobook, Fiction16Reread with a new sequel
Audiobook (?), Fiction4Reread with a new sequel
Audiobook (?), Fiction5Reread with a new sequel
Fiction2Reread with a new sequel

That’s already a 62 books, so should hold me through half the year (if I keep up 10 books a month as long as I can).

After that, I have a few non-fiction books I wanted to read (and already own):

After that… I think I’m going to try something new this year.

I have such a crazy to-read list (back up to 593, and that only counts the first book per series) that I can never choose in a way that’s satisfactory. Plus, I want to write more programming posts this year (I haven’t for months now…).

So my goal is before I run out of books on my reading list, I will create a tool that can read in my Goodreads shelves, weight books on various criteria (what I’ve read recently to create variety, prefer books I already own, prefer a wider variety of authors), and give me a mostly random set of 3 to choose from.

Here will be my list of reviews (it will update as each one is added, or you can subscribe via RSS):

Posts in 2020 Book Reviews:

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