Review: Head of the Dragon

Series: The Frontiers Saga: #6

The first large section of Head of the Dragon follows the Aurora and her crew as they plan just what they have to do to maintain what little surprise Einstein has allowed them before the Ta’Akar learn who, what, and where they are. It’s somewhat plodding and slower than a lot of the previous books, but still relatively interesting.

The last third or so… dang that just doesn’t let go. Ground forces dropping from space, ships jumping all over the place, orbital bombardment, a whole handful of capital ship to ship combats … and a big twist that we really all should have seen coming, but was still well enough done. It’s quite a send off to the first long section of the Frontiers Saga.

Now the Aurora can assuredly finally start home. It’s about time.

If you’ve made it this far, read this book, it’s a solid entry. And after this… of course we’re on to the The Expanse!