Review: Rise of the Corinari

Series: The Frontiers Saga: #5

It ain’t life that left you no choice, its honor!

Things are really moving now. Captain Nathan Scott and the crew of the Aurora are making allies (and enemies), repairing their ship, and taking on new crew. Perhaps the Aurora will finally be up to full fighting strength… at least for a page or two.

One thing that I really enjoy about these books and that shines in particular in Rise of the Corinari is that thought that’s gone into both continuous FTL travel and the jump drive. You can’t see something moving faster than light coming towards you, but you can see them red shifted moving away. If you jump a few light hours away, you can see yourself as you were a few hours ago. And things moving really fast that crash into each other… well. You’ll see.

I really like where this series is going. No idea how it’ll last for another ten books, but we’ll just have to read and find out!