Review: The Legend of Corinair

Series: The Frontiers Saga: #3

Now we’re getting somewhere.

The Aurora is on the move again, jumping (literally) from system to system and battle to battle. It’s still a fairly light read, with plenty of action and sci fi goodies to keep you occupied. It’s actually starting to feel more like it’s own flavor, rather than just cribbing hard core on Star Trek, particularly Voyager (and there’s still nothing wrong with that).

One awesome thing that we finally get into a bit is just how weird it would be to be able to jump several light minutes away–only to see yourselves as you were those same minutes ago.

I will say that one thing that’s starting to bug me is just how young and non- military they all feel–and just how little just about all of them seems to care about ship’s security. I get that they’re barely trained, but they almost all came from a military academy. And here they are with all sorts of locals wondering about the ship (even if a lot of good is coming of it), getting beat up left and right, and telling just about everyone they meet about their ace in the hole jump drive and home a thousand light years away. Just feels weird.

On another hand, one interesting thing we’re starting to get is a hint of how religion will play into the series, with a faith built up around the legends of Earth and how they’ll one day come to ‘save us all’. And here’s Nathan and his crew… half accidently just that. I imagine that’s going to get rather complicated before it’s all said and done.

Overall, far better than The Rings of Haven. Yet another quick read. Onward!