Review: The Rings of Haven

Series: The Frontiers Saga: #2

The Rings of Haven takes up right where Aurora: CV-01 left off: a ship and her crew, stranded a thousand light year, having to make friends–and sometimes enemies–in a desperate struggle to survive and make their ways home.

In a way, The Rings of Haven really feels a lot smaller than Aurora: CV-01. It’s mostly about establishing a new ’normal’ and introducing a few new faces. Which it does well enough, but it’s nothing compared to a new world and new technologies and getting blown across the galaxy.

And once again, there’s really not an ending. We wrap up a number of plot threads (getting food, really), but you can definitely feel that the series is still gearing up for the long run.

I do wonder how many books it’s going to take to really fill out the Aurora and get her in fighting shape. There’s only so many narrow scrapes and even more damage you can take before it starts to feel ridiculous.

Overall, still a fun, quick read though. I look forward to the next one.