Review: Third Shift: Pact

Series: Silo

Series: Shift: #3

Third Shift: Pact doesn’t really feel like an ending. Although I guess given that Shift is a prequel of sorts to Wool, it makes sense.

The stories this time around are split between Donny (who’s taken Thurman’s place … somehow?) and Solo. Donny’s storyline does finally answer a few more questions: what is the real purpose of so many Silos and why are the powers that be okay with entirely losing them from time to time. It also serves as closure for Donny’s feeling of betrayal and loss of his wife–in rather a dramatic manner. The lack of fallout is a bit of a problem though.

The other half follows Solo, which is apparently a minor character in Wool? I honestly don’t remember (I really should re-read those books). It follows the fall of a Silo over the span of years and one boy/man’s survival all alone. It’s a fascinating story that could easily stand on it’s own and adds a bit more flavor to the greater Silo universe–even if I can’t really see how it will matter to the greater timeline.

It appears that I have one book left: Dust. And I’ll have to re-read Wool at some point. So very many books, so little time.