Review: The Silent War

Series: The Asteroid Wars: #3

Series: The Grand Tour: #11

The Silent War feels like a conclusion to the Asteroid Wars ( The Precipice and The Rock Rats ), with the war continuing to escalate to father and father atrocities with even more sides to the conflict than before ( Yamagata is back! If a bit weirdly. ). It’s a bit strange to see what feels like such a conclusion with one book left, but I guess that’s why it’s called The Aftermath ? We’ll just have to see.

Overall, The Silent War is a satisfying enough conclusion to the Asteroid Wars (as a war and as a subseries) building up both the overall conflict and one within the book itself. It’s nice to actually see everything come to a head and I think the conclusion is workable, if a little ridiculous. It really feeds into the idea that behind every powerful corporation is a handful (or one) of powerful men and women really driving things forward.

Nothing really more to say. I still really like Pancho Lane and can’t really stand Lars Fuchs or Humphries. That’s pretty much all intended. The series as a whole could have probably been a single book, but so it goes. Worth reading for completeness’ sake. I still prefer the more science driven / less corporate of the Grand Tour books. So it goes.

On a final note… what’s with that prologue and epilogue? They’re interesting enough and hint at something completely different than anything else we’ve seen in the Grand Tour thus far… but why here? I expect/hope we’ll see why in The Aftermath, but it’s just weird.