Review: Illusive Echoes

Series: The Greatest Sin: #4

Illusive Echoes continues following Chivalis second life as an agent of the Fallen, sent on all manner of weird missions throughout the world with her fellow agents. This time around, they have to find a statue of a cat. Made all the more interesting with flavors of gang warfare and corrupt law enforcement and royalty. Pretty crazy. I still want to see more about those Drowned Ones, but at least we get a few hints this time around. Not yet forgotten.

To me, the most interesting part and real draw of these stories remains the interactions between Chivali and the other Fallen.

Chavali longed to snatch Eldrack’s hand and force him to think about everything he hid from her. One day, she’d send the spirits crawling through his mind to devour all his secrets.

Colby in particular:

“No, Colby, you’re wrong. A goal is nothing more than a time and place. It’s fleeting and often less glorious than we imagined. Basking in it is fruitless. The journey is the only thing that matters.”

Given the fundamental bit of worldbuilding that’s hinted at throughout the series–that there’s one single Greatest Sin… but that various groups have different ideas about what exactly that Sin is–it’s interesting to see how that is expressed in the interactions between characters.

Interesting to see where it goes from here… especially with the death of Harris .