Review: The Fallen

Series: The Greatest Sin: #1

I have a pretty good number of less known / self published stories that I’ve collected through various sales and bundles that I keep meaning to work through. The Fallen is one such book. I’m not even sure where I picked it up anymore, but it seems worth giving a try.

Structurally, The Fallen starts with Chavali (a fortune teller who just so happens to have a gift for mind reading) and her clan of travelling folk. Fascinating world building already and we just keep getting hints of even crazier things going on in the greater world as everyone dies and Chavali is brought back as one of the mysterious "Fallen" . Quite a twist.

Really, the fascinating world building, truly with a ‘fantastical’ feel to it carries the story. You never really know exactly how things outside of her clan work, since Chavali doesn’t know how things work, and it works. You get to learn about the world as she does. One thing that felt really strange was a bare handful of mentions of ’elves and dwarves’. But… why? The story would be just as strong without it; by putting that in, you feel like you’re leaning against Tolkein and Dungeons and Dragons.

Worth the read. I’m really curious to see where it goes from here.