Review: Practical Forensic Imaging: Securing Digital Evidence with Linux Tools

Odd book. Not sure what the goal of reading it is.

There is a lot of reference material there, including the various commands and a bit of extra information about taking images from or getting data off a variety of systems, including discussions of both hardware and software. Neat enough.

One thing that I was hoping to see would be what to do next, once you have the images, but that seems to have been out of scope for the book.

The main problem though, is who is this book for? If it’s a reference for tools used for forensics, it’s something that you only need a fraction of and won’t necessarily stay up to date, but could be kept for that reason (it has a decent index). If it’s to learn about forensics… not what you’re probably looking for.

Interesting enough, not quite what I thought it was.