Review: All These Worlds

Series: Bobiverse: #3

And so it ends.

Their lives were now less than a footnote in history. As gone, as utterly forgotten as any random individual from the Middle Ages. No longer even a ripple in time, except to the extent that I could keep their memories alive. I sighed to myself. It seemed sometimes that life was nothing more than the accumulation of emotional baggage—memories, regrets, and lost opportunities.

What We Are Legion (We Are Bob) set up, All These Worlds finished in spades. With literally hundreds of Bobs and a solid handful of storylines going on (overshadowed all the while by the overarching threat of the Others), it’s a crazy book and a solid conclusion to the series.

We Are Legion did a pretty good job of wrapping up most of those storylines, even introducing a few minor issues we hadn’t seen before. The main storyline with the Others ends a bit abruptly, but I’m not sure how either side could have done more / prevented what happened. Well done that. Most of the minor storylines felt like satisfying and complete arcs as well1, although there would certainly be room for any number of further stories.

All together, that was a good book. If you like fairly episodic science fictioney stories… you could do far far worse. Give it a try.

  1. Although there’s one fairly large exception, unless I missed something: What about the Brazilian probes? For a relatively early and major protagonist, that's missing a fair bit.  ↩︎