Review: For We Are Many

Series: Bobiverse: #2

Even though I watched the action remotely via a floating observation drone, I could still feel my nether regions puckering up in fear. At times like this, I wondered if I hadn’t gone a little overboard with the level of detail in my virtual-reality environment. There was no reason for me to even have nether regions, let alone for them to pucker.

It remains wonderfully fascinating to see how the Bobs spread out and deal with all manner of problems throughout the universe, from a failing Earth, to fascinating alien worlds, to species both young to help and… otherwise. It’s a crazy universe and For We Are Many just takes the formula We Are Legion (We Are Bob) established and runs with it.

The structure remains episodic, jumping from Bob to Bob, but it never took too long to get back to my favorite stories (and they’re all interesting, just in different ways). It’s fascinating how all of the Bobs feel at once distinct enough to each have their own personalities, while still sharing a core of the same character.

I think really the main negative I would say about For We Are Many is that it definitely suffers from second-of-a-trilogy syndrome. It dumps you in, really needing to have read the first and while some stories conclude, it doesn’t quite end. But hey, All These Worlds is out. Just go and read that for the (hopeful) thrilling conclusion!