Review: Magic Triumphs

Series: Kate Daniels: #10

That was actually somewhat surprising for an ending. I expected a knock down, drag out fight with Roland, but instead… Dragons. Of course it had to be dragons.

It’s actually a pretty solid ending to the series, even if the final confrontations/battles did end rather abruptly and solve everything a bit too neatly. I almost want to see yet another book following the aftermath. But there’s something to be said for letting an ending be an ending and I can respect that.

One of the most interesting things that I haven’t seen much else of (yet) in urban fantasy was Kate and Curran’s son and Kate’s new role as a mother. There were times where it was a bit unbelieveable (any time Kate and Curran had to go off, they seemed to be able to easily find a sitter), but some of the troubles of a toddler felt all too familiar. And given that none of mine are magical or shapeshifters (although it feels like it sometimes)… all too real.

Yes, bad. Look at Daddy ripping the bad man to pieces. Go Daddy!


And hey, even more cases of redemption for characters I never expected it from. It’s fascinating to read when done well… and I think it was done pretty well. Surprising. But well.

Overall, it would have been a solid enough entry to the series. It’s a bit lacking as the last book of a series, but it does a decent enough job of cleaning things up.

I’m glad to have read this series. I think it’s more than good enough to put on my list of series to re-read every couple of years. And check out some other works by the Andrews. Good times!