Review: Magic Shifts

Series: Kate Daniels: #8

“Does everybody think I’m an asshole?” Curran asked.

“Only people who know you or have met you.

After a while of Curran and Kate being Beast Lord and Consort, dealing with all things Pack and Pack politics, it’s really nice to get back to a more Kate-the-mercenary feel from the first books. And Curran seems to be dealing well with stepping down from power–by finding a new project to build and run.

Plotwise, on one hand, the big bad has a different, more Arabian flavor than we’ve seen before–new magic is almost always interesting in a kitchen sink style world. I especially like their take on ghouls. Making them intelligent/retain their personality (especially when vampires do not) is a fascinating choice. And being essentially a larval/early form of djinni ? Neat!

On the other hand, it’s a bit of a step down from the previous ramping of the last few books. That’s somewhat made up for by the end. I’m thoroughly intrigued by the direction Roland and Kate are taking towards what turns out is the final two books! Eep!

At this point, of course you’re going to read the book. Worth it though.

“Curran, please don’t bite his head off.”


“Because it’s illegal. Technically you assaulted him first when you threw him across the lawn.”

“I didn’t throw him very far.”

I rolled my eyes.

“I could’ve thrown him straight up and let him land on the pavement.”

“That would also be illegal.”

“You keep bringing this ‘illegal’ thing up as if it means something to me.”