Review: Magic Rises

Series: Kate Daniels: #6

Kate and gang go to Europe!

The world building in the Kate Daniels universe is really top notch. It’s set in a modern world where magic has returned. So far, not that unusual. But in this world, magic and tech alternate which set of rules dominate. When tech rules, no fireballs, no tracking spells, etc. But when magic dominates, skyscrapers decay and planes fall from the sky. So you’re in a modern world without a lot of the modern conveniences. There are a few issues (like where does the power come from? haven’t the power plants fallen apart? who works there…), but it’s still pretty awesome.

One thing that all means though is when Kate and the Pack need to travel to Europe in order to make a deal for magical medicine that can prevent their children from going loupe and needing to be put down… you can’t just hop on a plane. It’s a journey of weeks on ship. And there’s not necessarily a way to call home.

Oh, and traveling to Europe? So they can protect a pregnant werewolf woman with a Rome-and-Juliet-gone-mad esque twist from two packs that hate one another, her, and just about everyone. Good times. Also new supernatural baddies from yet corner of the mythological world, but at this point in the Kate Daniel’s universe, that almost goes without saying.

Overall, a great addition to the series. Worth reading.

Oh. And today in Kate and Curran:

“You want to get married? I’ll marry you right now. Is the gnome a preacher, because I’ll do it."

“That’s a hell of a proposal.”

“What did he say?” Astamur asked.

“He wants me to marry him.”

Astamur relayed it. Atsany waved his pipe and Astamur translated back. Ha!

“What?” Curran Snarled.

“Atsany says you’re not ready for marriage. You don’t have the right temperament for it.”

Curran struggled with that for a second.

“Let me know if your head’s going to explode, so I can duck.”

Because of course.