Review: Magic Bleeds

Series: Kate Daniels: #4

I can’t give you the white picket fence, and if I did, you’d set it on fire.

Oh Kate.

One of the worldbuilding aspects I’ve been loving the most about this series is the Pack. Rather than focusing on werewolves as just about every other urban fantasy seems to do, the Pack has a huge variety of were… things. Among the major characters alone, we have werelion Beast Lord Curran, werejaguar Jim, head of security, a whole pile of wonderful werehyenas, and werebadger doctor Doolittle1. On top of that, you can be a werewolf, a wolfwere, or a beastkin (descendant of a were). Craziness.

But that’s not it. All of the different kinds of weres have different courtship rituals. With Kate having the hots for Curran (and it’s mutual, oh so mutual), she has to bend enough to ask what werecats do. Apparently? Pranks. Oh, it’s wonderful.

“The phone rang. I picked it up.

“Are you sitting down?” Curran’s voice asked.




I listened to the disconnect signal. If he wanted me to sit, then I’d stand. I got up. The chair got up with me and I ended up bent over my desk, with the chair stuck to my butt. I grabbed the edge of the chair and tried to pull it off.

It remained stuck.

I would murder him. Slowly. And I’d enjoy every second of it.”

And that’s not even the main plot … In that we get terrifying virulent magical diseases (to the point that they try to get up and slither around), a supposed-to-be-impossible varieties of undead, and a big bad thousands of the years in the magic… who just so happens to be Kate's aunt . Oh this world is getting big and terrifying. It’s wonderful.

And Kate and Curran finally hook up ! YAY! A long time coming, which makes it feel all the real. It’s certainly one of the more explicit scenes I’ve seen in urban fantasy (yes, I know it gets far worse/better than this, but I’ve not read it). So if explicit sex is something you avoid, there is a page or two to skip. You have been warned.2

Overall, this series just keeps getting better and better. There are so very many ways this series could crash and burn, but I just keep getting more and more excited. Onwards!

  1. I just made the connection . I know. That’s hilarious. ↩︎

  2. Yes. I know that the spoiler tag is pretty obvious given the context. Worth it for the explicit warning? ↩︎