Review: Cursor's Fury

Series: Codex Alera: #3

Were Furies of Calderon introduced us to the world and the Marat and Academ's Fury gave us a taste of the politics of Alera along with the threat of the Vord, it’s Cursor's Fury where we really shift to the military focus that defines the rest of the series.

A civil war in Alera plus an invasion by the Canim? Oy.

Tavi having to fake being an officer as part of his duties as a cursor, only for everyone to die and him somehow to end up in charge of everything? Still without furycraft of his own? Oy oy.

Turning his smarts to his advantages with tactics that no city-raised fury- capable warrior would ever dream of and (of course) saving the day? OY!

Hints that as huge as the events of this book are, they’re nothing to what is coming next? … oy.

Quite a book.

Tavi is a wonderful character and deserves the trust he eventually gains from his men. At times, he seems impossibly good at what he does, but given the disadvantages he has to work around, perhaps it’s deserved. It’s enough to get around the ‘chosen one’ / ’too powerful main character’ tropes at least in my mind. Good for that.

On top of that, the side mission with Bernard and Amara (still wonderful together) along with High Ladies Aria Placida and Aquitaine to rescue prisoners held by another High Lord? We haven’t had much chance to see what the top tiers of fury crafters can do, other than vague hints at Gaius’ powers and Lady Aquitaine saving the day in Academ's Fury. Watching them let loose? Wow Tavi is outclassed. And still manages to hold his own.

And on top of that on top of that? Finally getting some more backstory from Isana and Fade along with a surprising-but-not-in-hindsight bit of growth for the both of them? Isana cares about those close to her far, far more than most people do, to an honestly insane extent. Oh, she’s an interesting one.

And oh, that last scene! Tavi has finally come into his furycraft! Only to find out that somehow Kitai has furies as well?! AH! NEXT BOOK!

I had forgotten how good this series is.