Review: Magic Strikes

Series: Kate Daniels: #3

Norse and Hindu mythology (on top of what all we’ve had before)! Magical gladiator fights TO THE DEATH! Giant fight scenes! ACTUALLY LEARNING WHAT’S UP WITH KATE’S BACKSTORY!

That’s quite a book.

The core of the book revolves around the Midnight Games. Underground tournament to the death with some magical gemstone as prize. The local Pack is banned from participating on account of a rogue werebear, only brought down years ago by Curran (yes, that Curran), so of course they’re involved. It’s a fascinating way to introduce the more dangerous aspects of various magical baddies and force Kate into a few decisions she’s probably going to regret. There’s a good amount of gruesome, if that’s not your thing (or if it is I guess).

And that ending. Oh, things are going to escalate…

On top of that, it’s funny. It’s not

Seven pairs of glowing eyes stared at me: four green, three yellow. Judging by the glow, the shapeshifter crew hovered on the verge of going furry. One of their own was dead and they were out for blood. I kept my tone light. “You fellows ever thought of hiring out as a Christmas lights crew? You’d make a fortune.”

And then the twist of Order co-worker Andrea? Plus Raphael’s wooing thereof? That’s cute in a weird sort of way.

Finally, it’s kind of amazing that Kate and Curran have yet to end up together . The tension between those two is… intense.

“Kiss me and I’ll kill you,”I warned.

“It might be worth it,”he said softly.

Take note other writers: that’s how you build up a relationship (even if the both of them are the next best thing to insane). We’ll just have to see if Andrews can stick the landing.