2018 Reading List Retrospective

Another year of reading. Still not back to my glory days of 100 books in a year, but otherwise the second best I’ve done (beating out 91 in 2016!). A solid year. I’m going to see if I can purposely try to hit 100 again next year though. Should be doable.


That’s… quite a few books…

A few stats:

92 books in a year is right about a book every 4 days. I think next year, I can get that down to 3 days. Among books with page counts, I read 43,221 pages for an average of just under 120 pages per day (which is actually higher than previous years. I can probably get that up a bit too.

I read three books with 100-200 pages each, all from the Chronicles of Amber: The Hand of Oberon, The Courts of Chaos, and Sign of the Unicorn. Conversely, I read 5 books with over 1000 pages, The Shadow Rising and Lord of Chaos from Wheel of Time and all three books of the Stormlight Archive (Oathbringer is over 1200…). The average page count was just shy of 500 pages per book. No short stories this year (at least not counted individually).

Formatwise, I listened to 38 books this year (around half of my total)1:

Most of that was dedicated to finishing Discworld and then listening to the entire Wheel of Time. I started the Eye of the World on May 22 and finally finished A Memory of Light September 11 while walking. I ended up walking 6 miles that day, just finishing the book. All together, that’s 14 books and 11537 pages over 112 days, although between each I caught up in podcasts I’d missed. That’s 100 pages per day right there. Not bad.

My average rating remains high. I rated 38 books as 4 stars and 47 as 5. What can I say, I read books I expect to like, especially those that I re-read. I wonder if I should try some lower rated ones…

Unfortunately, there are too many series I still haven’t finished and that I’ll be pushing off another year:

I over estimated last year and didn’t read as many new books as I’d like. So it goes. I’m also probably going to read more non-fiction this year. We’ll see how that goes.

Here’s the full list:

Posts in 2018 Book Reviews:

  1. cat listened-to.json | jq '.books | sort_by(.started) | .[] | select(.started >= "2018-01-01") | .title' | awk -F'(' '{ print $1 }' | tr -d '"' | trim ↩︎