NaNoWriMo 2018 - Special Collections

It started with an idea from an annotation on the Darths and Droids webcomic of all things:

A mysterious figure drops an overdue book in the library’s after-hours returns slot. Long overdue. 90 years overdue. It’s a book about the occult, and contains incantations and recipes for drastically extending life. The borrower’s last known address is that old “haunted” house on the hill outside town. Someone need to go investigate to recover the overdue fees…

Take a few hours outlining by hand (which I never used to do, but am starting to see the value of) and a month of crazy nights…

Last year was hard, but wow, this year was even harder. It started out rough with not having written in almost a year (I really need to do better about that) and ended with several sick days where I was lucky to get a few hundred words out.

Then one final push of over 10,000 words today, writing right through dinner (sorry!), but I made it.

Perhaps I should try to set a slightly lower daily goal and see if I can get back in the habit of writing daily rather than just jumping into this whole thing everything November. We shall just have to see.