Review: Abhorsen

Series: Abhorsen: #3

As I mentioned in , Abhorsen is really the second half of a book. It doesn’t stand alone, but it doesn’t need to. We continue where we left off in Lirael and things keep escalating.

Worldbuildingwise, we have a much deeper dig into the deep history of the world, into the roots of Free Magic beings and the Charter. We learn more about Mogget and the Dog both along with our big bad: Orannis, the Destroyer. On to the end of the world…

It’s quite a burden for the Abhorsen in waiting, but she can do it. And Sameth is a lot better this way around.

A solid conclusion to the Abhorsen trilogy. Well worth the read/listen. And quite the intense ending. You know how it has to end, but not at all how they’re going to get there. Lovely.

Also, Mogget:

“As for you, Private, if you mention a word of this to anyone, I’ll feed you to the cat thing here. Understand?"

“Yum,” said Mogget.

“Yes, sir!” mumbled the telephone operator, his hands shaking as he tried to smother the burning wreckage of his switchboard with a fire blanket.”