Review: Pale Green Dot: Sequel to The Forest

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Pale Green Dot: Sequel to The Forest is the sequel to The Forest, but really they should have been (and often are) combined into a single book. The Pale Green Dot continues where The Forest left off and expands the world significantly. We see a bit behind the curtain at just what the Forest is and how the world works.

The writing is significantly better as well, although could still use an editor. In particular, the first third or so of the Pale Green Dot jumps significantly from view point to view point, sometimes with only paragraphs in each. It’s hard to read and almost put me off the book entirely, but it calms somewhat as you continue on.

By the time I reached the end, I was… left wanting more. There isn’t really an ending to the Pale Green Dot any more than there was to the Forest. We’re left with an answer that directly contradicts what we thought we knew throughout the book, with little more evidence to go on than we had for the Forest’s side of the story. Really, there should be a third part to the story, with all three bundled together. Perhaps one day there will be.

That being said, it’s a quick read and the world building is still wonderfully disturbing and visceral. In my opinion, it’s worth reading just for that…