2018 Reading List

Four years. Starting to feel like a habit.

This time around, I’m aiming for 72 books (6 per month) rather than the 50 of my previous two years. Since I’ve read well over that both years, I’m not overly worried. Perhaps this will convince me hit 100 again? We’ll see.

Given that those are each a series, this might just carry my through the year. 😄

All told, it’s roughly 90 books (and that’s not counting Wild Cards or Discworld, that’s another 25 and 17 respectively), so if I don’t overshoot my goal, I’ll have a few to push into 2019, but that works. I’m not planning on stopping reading anytime soon.

From those, we have a few different categories. First, we have those books that were on my 2017 but that I didn’t quite get to:

This is actually a series of ten and I’ve just started it, so this year I’ll actually finish it.

After that, we have a few rereads:

The Way of Kings and Sabriel I’m rereading mostly because each has a new (to me) book that I haven’t read. The Merchant of Death and The Golden Compass are just series that I haven’t reread in years.

Then we have Mortal Engines. It’s got a movie coming out this year, so it would be good to read it and compare.

And finally, I have a pair of books that I came across originally on Reddit (specifically the /r/WritingPrompts) that looked intriguing. Eventually, I would like to do just what they’ve done:

Finally, I’ve got another pile of Discworld books to finish on audiobook.

It should be a good year.

Here’s my list of reviews (it will update as each one is added):

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