Review: Boundary Born

Series: Boundary Magic: #3

And now that you know this, are you any different than you were yesterday?” he asked. Pragmatic, as usual. “Nothing has changed, Lex. You haven’t changed. You just know something that you didn’t know before, that’s all.

The third time around, we have two new plot threads: someone has poisoned Maven and tehre is a new evil on the hunt.

From a world building perspective, this book finally make it past the point where the world building just didn’t seem different enough from real world stories to actually really interesting world building. The idea of a supernatural progenitor still being around in the modern world isn’t a new one, but the connection to death magic and a secret society works. There is a lot of space to explore there and I want to know more.

Characterwise, I like the new characters well enough especially on the villain side: Lex's birth family . In the end, it felt like they were overcome too easily, but they’re interesting. On the good guy side, the only really new character may have been the crossover witch from another series in the same world: Scarlett Bernard . I’m curious what her story is.

Other than that, it’s a mostly straight forward plot and a continued love triangle free romance (which I appreciate). Well done, and easily the best of the three in my eyes, although still not quite up to five stars. Unfortunately, there’s this tidbit in the acknowledgements:

Although I’m not done with this character, I’ll be letting her do her thing in Boulder while I go back to Scarlett Bernard’s adventures in Los Angeles for a bit.

Just when it was really getting good. So it goes I guess.