2017 Reading List Retrospective

Another year of reading. I easily beat my official goal of 50 with 84 books (finished the last one) a few hours before the end of the year). Unfortunately, it still feels like something of a failure, down from my original 100 book year and last year’s 91. Yes, I’m just crazy enough that 84 books in a year feels like a failure. 😄

A few stats:

  • The shortest book I read this year was The Eleventh Metal at 14 pages
  • The longest was Beyond the Shadows at 689 pages
  • My overall average was 338 pages per book and 77 per day
  • My average rating was 4.5 with 14 three stars and 18 four stars (the rest were fives)1
  • I listened to 21 books on audiobook (all Discworld novels, so that’s almost my most by a single author or in a single series)
  • I borrowed a good number of them from our local library system; Overdrive is wonderful

More specifically, there are a few categories books fit into. First, the series I didn’t finish:

Read my review for Alvin Journeyman for the why.

Then, there are the two series I didn’t actually get around to at all:

Wild Cards is another very long series that I’m hoping to actually listen to on audiobook. But Discworld is taking a while (as expected, there are over 30 of them), so that is getting pushed off another year. The Chronicles of Amber I’ve been putting off too long. I’ll read that first (and have actually already started the first one).

Next, a book I just couldn’t find in digital form:

It’s been a good while since I’ve read a paper book, but this time around, I just didn’t want to go through the effort. I’ll put it back on my ’to read’ list for … eventually (as of this writing, there are 295 books on that last and each of those is often only the first in a series…).

And finally, the books I’ve read with my wife. We have a

We each read a chapter or two a day and discuss them over email. It’s an interesting way to read a book, especially since both of us will pick up on things the other misses. The last is really more of a 2018 book, since we’ve just start.

Here’s the full list:

Posts in 2017 Book Reviews:

  1. I choose books I’m going to like to read. This isn’t really surprising. ↩︎