Review: Boundary Lines

Series: Boundary Magic: #2

After getting tossed into the world of the supernatural in Boundary Crossed, Lex is back and starting to learn just why everyone seems to be out to get her in Boundary Lines.

Someone is stirring up local magic, brining back magical beasties from an age long gone and driving the (semi-)local werewolf mad. We get a good amount of world building, learning a fair bit more about the werewolves and finally seeing a second boundary mage–even if she died a long time ago. We get a bit more characterization of the other witches and vampires, a bit more on the local politics and tensions between the various supernatural factions. Neat worldbuilding all around and a few decent plot twists.

Characterwise, I still think Lex is a decent protagonist, especially now that she’s not just learning about everything for the first time. She still has a bit of a problem with actually using the knowledge of those who actually know what they’re talking about in the supernatural world, but I think that works as part of her character.

I like Quinn a lot more this time around. He’s definitely there primarily as love interest (which we get a bit more of this time around, albeit still not that much), but he feels more ‘real’ this time time time around.

“Please visualize me hitting you with a pillow,” Quinn grumbled, “as I currently lack the strength.”

The new witches (Lily and Simon’s older sisters) don’t really seem to have much going for them, but so it goes. At least we get a bit more insight into the local witches.

Overall, it’s a solid extension to the series. There’s nothing hugely new or innovative here, but better than the first by a decent margin (I think mostly because we aren’t just starting out fresh) and it’s a good read.