Review: Mr. Monster

Series: John Cleaver: #2

“My favorite part of family togetherness is when we aspirate body cavities. What’s yours?”

Mr. Monster takes basically everything that was in I Am Not a Serial Killer and cranks it up another notch. Creepy supernatural serial killer? Check. Long detailed descriptions of embalming? Check. John trying and sort of succeeding in coming to terms with being a sociopath? Check.

It’s a solid book. It’s still fascinating to feel what I imagine it might be like to be a sociopath. John is growing up and that’s not necessarily a good thing. And the final showdown with this book’s demon? Terrifying. Pretty much the only negative there is that it ends too soon.

For better or for worse, one thing that Mr. Monster gives was a feeling of wanting more. I want to know more about these ‘demons’, especially after the closing chapter. I want to see more of John trying to figure out how to have a relationship with Brooke. I want to know more about the woman in the wall. There’s still one more book in the trilogy, so perhaps we’ll get some answers? I hope so.