Review: Secret History

Series: Arcanum Unbounded

Series: Mistborn: #3.5

Series: The Cosmere

“Oh, hell,” Kelsier said. “There’s actually a God?” “Yes.” Kelsier decked him.

If you’ve read the Mistborn series, read Secret History. If you haven’t, read the Mistborn series, then read Secret History. It’s worth the read just for for the the crazy intertwined universe-building that Sanderson has been pulling off for years now.

If you aren’t aware, a great many of Sanderson’s work take place in a shared universe known as the Cosmere. More than many of the other stories, Secret History ties together various parts of that Cosmere together, bringing in characters such as Kelsier from Mistborn, Hoid from everything, and Kriss from White Sands . There are details about just who beings like Preservation and Ruin are, along with history thousands of years in the making.

If this is where the Cosmere will go when Mistborn reaches the Forth Age and when we get to the second series of the Stormlight Archives… I can’t wait. It’s going to be an awesome ride.

“Your mind is too fragile. It will break.” “I broke that damn thing years ago, Fuzz. Do it. Please.”