Review: The Way of Shadows

Series: Night Angel: #1

Well. That was a book.

On one hand, you’re sort of tossed into the world and it takes rather a while to really figure out what was going on. For that matter, I still have a handful of questions on exactly how this world works, although I guess that’s what sequels are for.

On the other hand, it’s a fascinating world and story, dark and gritty from the get go that never really lets you go.

On the positives, the world building has what feels the right mix of interesting and mysterious to keep me interested. I want to know more about how the magic system works. I want to know what the ka’kari are.

On top of that, I actually liked most of the main characters. Durzo is dark and complicated and makes an interesting version of the typical mentor figure. Azoth, as protagonist, isn’t hugely unique but I also didn’t hate him, which given some of the choices he makes through the books could have gone far worse.

On the negatives, the word choice seems odd at a few times in the book. Azoth is training to be a wetboy, which is basically just a weird word for a magical assassin. On top of that, characters will sometimes swear in a ‘modern’ manner, which feels strange/anachronistic in the setting. It took me out of the book a few times, but it’s still skip-past-able.

It’s definitely a dark and depressing book, so if that’s not what you’re looking for, avoid this. If that’s something that doesn’t both you though, you could do far worse than giving this book a try.

Quote of the book (spoiler’ed because NSFWish):

“I spoke with the count this morn—” Logan said when he was suddenly silenced as breasts went past. No, not just breasts. The breasts. They were perfect. Not precipitously exposed, but perfectly shaped, these floated past him, held in a gossamer embrace of fabric rejoicing to cling to such nubile curves. Logan didn’t even see the woman’s face. Then, as she walked past, the sweet curves of swaying hips and a flash of lean, muscular calves.

Let no one say that Weeks doesn’t have a way with words.