Review: The Last Guardian

Series: Artemis Fowl: #8

So. Opal Koboi is back and she’s trying once again to rule/end the world (I’m not sure she knows the difference any more).

The basic idea of Koboi ordering her younger self killed in order to set up a paradox / magical explosion… just to steal that energy and use it to activate some ancient Fairy doomsday spell? That’s pretty cool.

That ancient magic spell to bring back some ten thousand year dead fairies as zombies and end the world? Blowing up any bit of technology Koboi had a hand in–including most recent human technology–a bit weird. It’s got all the set up of an armageddon in progress, but we never really feel the scope of it.

When we finally get to the big showdown, it’s somewhat underwhelming. Fowl saves the day, although his plan is rather luckluster compared to what he’s been shown capable of. And then he dies . Except… not really? An odd choice. Also, the modern world has basically been crippled. I kept expecting a reset button, but I guess one of the advantages of being the last book in the series is that Colfer doesn’t have to figure out the logistics of where the world can go from here. It doesn’t really feel over though.

I’ll give some credit at least. I liked the Last Guardian more than the Atlantis Complex. Not really saying much there.