Review: The Atlantis Complex

Series: Artemis Fowl: #7

Best thing about the Artemis Fowl series? Artemis Fowl.

Missing through a large chunk of The Atlantis Complex? Artemis Fowl.

Don’t get me wrong. Physically, he’s still present and account for. Mentally? Apparently, his genius has led to something of a psychological disorder (the eponymous Atlantis Complex) wherein Fowl spends one large chunk of the book obsessed with the numbers four and five and another as a new, separate personality: Orion Fowl.

On top of that, the plot was somewhat lackluster. The (new) villain plans a great escape, but he’s no Koboi and certainly no Artemis. On top of that, there’s really nothing in the way of plot twists and cunning schemes that really made the previous books worth reading.

Finally, a romance subplot between Artemis and Holly ? Really? Other than circumstance, what do they have in common at all? It’s just weird.

If the next book weren’t the last, I’m honestly not sure that I would finish the series.