Review: The Opal Deception

Series: Artemis Fowl: #4

Opal Koboi is out of her coma and back for revenge–and no one even realizes it yet. She manages to frame Holly for murder, sending her to the only person left she knows she can trust: Artemis Fowl.

The only problem? After the memory wipe of the previous book, he cannot remember her.

It’s interesting to see how Artemis Fowl’s character has changed with the experiences with the Fairies of the past few books and then again how his personality shifts when his memories are finally returned. In the end, he’s still a villain, but starting to turn a bit Robin Hood, which is an interesting take.

I like Koboi as a villain. She’s smart and more than a bit crazy.

Also, talk about raising the stakes… Root is dead?! That’s a heck of a thing for a series mostly aimed at younger audiences. I applaud Colfer for doing it and making it stick, at least for the time being.

Speaking of moving the world forward, when all is said and done, Holly steps down from the LEP . It makes perfect sense from a character standpoint, but it’s still quite a change. I’m curious to see where it can possibly go next.