Review: The Arctic Incident

Series: Artemis Fowl: #2

Two intermixed plotlines this time around.

In one, Artemis gets news that his father might just be alive and being held by the Russian mafia (for the past two years?).

In the other, someone is funding a goblin rebellion and providing them with old, should have been recycled fairy weaponry and human technology (batteries, because of course). Of course, given the circumstances of the first book, Root and Holly immediately suspect Artemis.

The strength of the two plotlines is that it gives Artemis a lot of room to grow. He’s trying to save his family and–once they realize that he’s not behind the batteries after all–he has a chance to help the fairies. Not without getting something out of it himself of course.

Characterwise, we get more of the same from the first book. A bit more Cudgeon, who is as broken as expected. The only really new character is Opal Koboi–a new super smart fairy with an axe to grind.

Overall, it’s a solid book. It’s fun to see Artemis grow up a bit. It’s good to see the fairies soften a bit in their stance towards Artemis. It’s not quite as good as the first, but it’s still a worthwhile read.