Review: Witches Abroad

Series: Discworld: #12

Series: Discworld - Witches: #3

The witches are a lot of fun to read about, especially in how they interact with one another. Granny is hilariously no-nonsense, but too stubborn to admin when she doesn’t know something. Nanny Ogg is much more worldly (for a witch) and a good counterpoint. Magrat is the young witch, still learning, and has the advantage of not knowing quite so well as the two older witches just when something is supposed to be impossible.

Plotwise, we get a story that is basically a pile of stereotypical fairy tales (mostly Cinderella) tossed into a blender with a heaping helping of Discworld for seasoning. It’s kind of bizarre, but in a greatly entertaining way. Even better, given that half the time the witches seem to realize they are living out storybook tales and half the time they are amusingly unaware.

Onwards and witchwards!