Review: Wyrd Sisters

Series: Discworld: #6

Series: Discworld - Witches: #2

Witches, take two.

Upside: more of Granny Weatherwax! She remains as awesome as she was in Equal Rites.

Downside: no more Esk. I’m not overly surprised, but I’m still curious what ever happened to her.

Upside: instead we get Nanny Ogg, who is another witch with about a million kids/grandkids etc and acts as a wonderful counterpoint to Granny.

The witches are pretty much hilarious.

Plotwise, it’s sort of a mix of Hamlet and Macbeth only with a more meta perspective (several of the characters are actors themselves) and with a lovely sense of the Discworld humor thrown in for seasoning. It’s a bit too much parody for my tastes (I’m finding that I like the stories that are more zany or social commentary more), but it’s still amusing.