Review: The Last Continent

Series: Discworld: #22

Series: Discworld - Rincewind: #6

The Last Continent is something of a disappointment after Interesting Times. That’s not to say that it’s strictly speaking ‘bad’, just that it’s not quite as good as many of the other Rincewind novels.

Basically, this time around, Rincewind’s adventures have dropped him off on XXXX, the ‘Last Continent’ of the Discworld. Basically, it’s bizarroworld Australia with something of a funny relationship with the whole time-space thing.

Unfortunately, Pratchett does go a bit off the end of the weird scale here. There is a lot of funny, but a lot that’s just entirely too weird (which is saying something). Australia XXXX is full of deadly animals. It’s hot. It’s try. And there are kangaroos. And then there’s an island run by a god of evolution with something of a bizarre world view.

If you’re looking for Discworld novels to skip, you could probably put this one on the list. If you’re a completionist, it’s not the worst book ever.