2016 Reading List Retrospective

Once again, a crazy goal. This year, I officially set a goal of 50 books. Unofficially, I was still trying to read 100 books. Almost made it.

Overall, I read 91 books, totaling 35,154 pages (an average of ~96 pages per day). Still a bit of a range on length, from The Nameless City at only 23 pages up to 995 in White Sand. An average of 386 per book comes in just 2 shy of last year, so I think the short stories still count. 😄

For the longest time, I was average right at 100 pages per day, but over the last week or so (in a last burst to finish the year), that bumped up slightly. I ended up at an average of 104 pages / day. None too shabby.

Rating-wise, my average was even higher than last year at 4.6 stars… Hey, I read what I like. I had fewer did-not-finishes and books I chose just on the cover, which helped a bit.

Compared to my original list, I at least started everything. I actually finished Mere Christianity this time around1. On top of that, I got more into audiobooks this time around, listening to (series, all):

It’s a nice way to add a few more books. Something I can actually do while I’m working (depending on what I’m working on).

Overall, I greatly enjoyed reading as much as I did. Let’s see how 2017 goes!

Here’s the full list of reviews:

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  1. Not my favorite. ↩︎