Review: The Light Fantastic

Series: Discworld: #2

Series: Discworld - Rincewind: #2

I still feel like The Light Fantastic and The Color of Magic could really be combined into a single larger novel, given that the second takes off running pretty much where there first went off… and promptly dumps Rincewind and Twoflower back onto the disc somehow.

It’s an odd little story, jumping from section to section with a whole cast of new bizarre and amusing character (including the spell in Rincewind’s head and a small pile of trees) and locations.

Plotwise, we have a red star in the sky, which keeps growing closer, yet no one seems to know why–or at least those who do aren’t telling. In order to avert certain doom, all either spells must be said together, including the aforementioned one in Rincewind’s head. So of course things have to go sideways first.

It’s again not my favorite novel, but if you liked The Color of Magic, you’ll probably like The Light Fantastic well enough. Personally, the audiobook is better. This time around, rather than proceeding to Mort (the 3rd Discworld novel published), I’m going to skip to the next Rincewind novel: Sourcery (Discworld #5). We’ll see how that goes.

Random fun things I particularly liked about this book:

- The Luggage. It’s quite the idea and a lot of fun for a character that can’t even speak.

- The Druids and their stone ‘computer’. It feels like padding, but it’s an interesting aside into what could/probably will be expanded in a later book.

- The shopkeepers. Cursed by some random wizard to never close because they didn’t have something in stock. A good example of Prachett taking something you see in the real world and amplifying it.