Review: The Time Machine

The Time Machine is something of a science fiction classic, among the first (if not the first well known time travel stories). As such, it reads a bit differently than more modern books of the same genre. Rather than dealing overmuch with character or plot, it takes an idea (a time machine!) and runs with it, exploring how such an idea might change the world and exploring our own world through the same.

So far as that goes, The Time Machine is an interesting book. We get a look at one possible future, some 800,000 years in the future, where humanity has evolved into two radically different peoples. It’s something of a depressing look at the future, looking into what might be if the gap between the wealthy and the working classes continues to widen and the downfall of both. It’s an interesting read and works either as philosophical musing or as an adventure tale, which is pretty cool.

Then we jump forward yet again, millions or perhaps more years into the future this time to the very end of the Earth itself. It’s an interesting view, although I’m not entirely sure what it adds to the story compared to the first section.

Overall, it’s an interesting read, primarily because of the influence it has had on the modern genre. Worth reading if just for that and at least it’s rather short.