Review: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Series: Harry Potter: #2

And so my re-listen continues. Much as the first book, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets feels like it’s primarily aimed as a children’s book, but most definiately enjoyable for adults as well.

Mostly random thoughts: McGonagall makes a good point at the beginning of the books, pointing out that the main characters are kids. They don’t always think things through. Miss the train? Perhaps you should just call ahead and someone can fetch you. Nope, have to do things the crazy well.

Things that work well:

Lockhart. He’s annoying as heck, but that’s exactly the point.

The ghosts in general, specifically the Headless Hunt and the Deathday Party. It’s interesting flavor, even if the general idea of the ghosts in this world is a bit strange.

Finally, the car in the Forbidden Forest. Shan’t say more for fear of spoilers, but that’s just a wonderful (in the truest meaning: evoking wonder) scene.

Things that don’t work:

The education of wizards and the interaction of wizards and the muggle world don’t make sense. When do they learn more ‘mundane’ topics, like basic mathematics? How do they not learn about things like electricity (read: plugs) and public transportation? Sure, they have more magical ways to do things, but wouldn’t a mix make even more sense? Especially when it comes to trying to interact with and hide from the nonmagical world… So it goes.

The audiobook’s narrator’s voices. The only one that I didn’t mind was Lockhart. It just sort of fit.

Random last note: It’s cool to see hints of what I know is coming in the later books. I don’t recall exactly how much of the series Rowling had mapped out by this point, but I believe it was a decently large portion and it shows.

Random last’er note: People get very different things out of books. .