Review: Morning Star

Series: Red Rising Saga

A fitting end to a surprisingly solid (to me at least) end to a surprisingly good series.

Morning Star basically finishes everything that Golden Son set out to do. It starts out crazy and takes you on a wild roller coaster ride. Things blow up, people die (some more permanently than others), and … revolution!

Review-wise, there is honestly not much new to say that hasn’t already been said on the first two books. I still don’t care overly much for Darrow. He’s too good at some things and too lucky at others to feel real. Ragnar and Sevro are hilarious though. Jackal and Sevro are crazy (in different ways).

It’s nice to get closure to a few of the conflicts that have been going on for three books now (Darrow/Mustang/Roque/Cassius), even if I really didn’t agree with how the last of those was handled. So it goes. Still cathartic to get an ending.

Also: the epilogue seemed like an unnecessary twist. Perhaps setting up another series? Still, I don’t think it earned it. It’s not book break though.