Review: Steelheart

Series: The Reckoners: #1

The Reckoners is everything that I love in a Sanderson book, with the main exception being that it’s not set in the otherwise shared universe of the Cosmere. It makes sense though, given that Steelheart is set in our universe (more or less).

Basically, a bunch of people gained superpowers. In Sanderson fashion, their powers are varied and interesting and the ‘rules’ are fairly solid. Powers range from illusions and fire to turning an entire city into metal. On top of that, every Epic (the word ‘Superhero’ having some legal oddities around it) also has a weakness, thus fulfilling Sanderson’s Second Law. Also, they’re all pretty much evil. It’s a pretty neat world.

Characterwise, I didn’t really care that much for David (the protagonist), but he’s not really dislikable either. He does have this tendency to think of really strange metaphors. The first few times (and sporadically thereafter) are amusing, but after that it just feels odd. Other than that, the Prof is the most interesting, especially when you learn a bit more of his history.

Overall, a fun read and a solid story. I really want to see where the sequels go. Worth reading even if it’s not in the Cosmere.