Review: Fair Game

Series: Alpha & Omega: #3

Series: Mercy Thompson World: #9

People as old and powerful as he should never be given someone to love. For Anna he would destroy the world.

Fair Game continues the story of Anna and Charles, this time to Boston, getting themselves involved in the investigation of a supernatural-hunter serial killer who’s been killing people (including Fae and werewolves) for decades.

Characterwise, decades (centuries ?) as the Marrok’s hatchet man are catching up with Charles and he has some all too literal ghosts of deeds past to deal with. As old as he is, he’s not entirely used to having someone to lean on, so he does a pretty good job of trying to shove Anna away. Luckily, she knows a thing or two about working through issues and isn’t about to give up on him that easily.

So far as the serial killer plot goes, it feels like Briggs took a fairly standard one (is that a thing?), added in a bunch of supernatural elements, and cranked it up to eleven. There’s more than a dash of the Fae about (especially in the ending) and of course the werewolves. There are enough clues that you can potentially figure out who’s on which side before the characters do, but only just. It’s well done.

And then… the ending. Some authors tend to fall into a trap where they keep writing the same story over and over again. They have to reset everything by the end of each book, so that they can start the next in a safe space. Let’s just say… The changes to the status quo when it comes to the Fae in Frost Burned make far more sense when you read this book first.