Review: Skin Deep

Series: Legion: #2

Stephen Leeds returns!

This time around, the ‘big idea’ plot that sort of fades into the background is the idea of encoding research into DNA. It’s something that’s actually happening now, although (so far as we know) not actually being used to store anything in a person’s genetic code. But it’s certainly not out of the realm of possibility.

Once again though, the really interesting part of these books is Leeds and the aspects. We learn a bit more about how each of his aspects has their own psychological issues (would it be worse / more complicated if they were all independent beings and Leeds had to interact with them or if it’s Leeds himself manifesting all of these issues?), watching his abilities grow and change in ways that even doesn’t expect.

Another interesting thread that was hinted at in Legion and expanded in Skin Deep is the intersection of science and religion. It feels to me like Sanderson might be writing to think through issues he himself contemplates, which can be an interesting way to build a novel.

Just as quick a read as Legion and once again well worth the read. I do wonder how well Leeds could carry a fully length novel though. I think it could be done, but at the same time, it’s not something that I need to see.