Review: Legion

Series: Legion: #1

After reading so may of Sanderson’s cosmere novels, it’s a bit odd to read one that isn’t. There’s still a ‘Sanderson feel’ to it, both in how the characters think and interact and also in this novel’s version of a magic system.

Basic premise: the main character–Stephen Leeds–has manifest many ‘aspects’ that only he can see. Each is a specialist in a specific field that Leeds needed to solve a particular problem. It’s left vague if the aspects are actually real (in the sense of being conscious entities, separate from Leeds himself), which makes the story all the more interesting. So far as Leeds is concerned, they are, and his mind will jump through some pretty crazy hoops to keep that illusion going.

Overall, that premise is more than enough to carry the relatively short (particularly for Sanderson) story of Legion and keep me wanting to see how it’s going to impact the story next. It’s impressive when the main plot about a camera that can take pictures of the past–which could potentially have carried a story by itself–is actually driven to the background by the characters of Leeds and his aspects.

Overall a really interesting read, well worth the time to read it.