Review: The Dunwich Horror

Reading The Dunwich Horror back to back with Call of Cthulhu is an interesting experience. The former is everything I wanted the latter to be.

The core of the Horror itself (Yog-Sothoth) is described just enough to be terrifying, but not so much as to be anything concrete. It impacts on the people and land around Dunwhich just keep building up, growing more and more horrible. In particular, the Whateley family… Wilbur and his even more monstrous brother. shivers

Also in an interesting departure from any Lovecraft I’ve read up until now, this is the first book with any significant amount of dialog or really characterization. It’s still not terribly much, but it certainly adds a bit more depth to the story. It seems the extra length allows a bit more room for experimentation.

Overall, the best Lovecraft I’ve read thus far. If there is better than this yet to come… I look forward to it.